Our washing machines come in four different sizes, all front loading and supplied by Speed Queen the leading name in commercial laundry equipment.  This latest range of washers are designed to minimise water usage, gas and electricity though quality environmental design without impacting on performance.
Our dryers come in three sizes and are also supplied by Speed Queen. As with the washers these dryers are gas fired and offer the most efficient drying system available.
The different sized machines means that you can wash and dry the smallest or largest load of washing in less than an hour. Washing cycles average 25 minutes and drying cycles 30 minutes. Smaller machines are designed to handle family washing requirements whilst the larger machines are designed to handle doonas, doona covers, blankets and   bedding or commercial loadings.

Personal Laundry Services Available

  1. Self Service
    • Customers can wash and dry their own stuff
    • Customers can DRY ONLY if they wish to
  2. Wash, Dry and Fold – Customers drop of their washing and we wash dry and fold it for them – turn around 4 hours.
  3. Wash Dry and Iron – Same as 2 except turn around can be a day.
  4. Ironing – Customers can bring garments they have laundered to TLS and we will iron.


thelonelysock 04 - Laundrette


Capture 2 1 - Laundrette