The perfect space to do your laundry

The perks

  1. First time customers receive a free Lonely Sock™ laundry bag
  2. A work station fitted with comfortable seating is available for customers to utilise whilst waiting for a cycle to finish
  3. A book and magazine exchange: read, borrow or browse our evolving collection of literature in English, Chinese and other languages
  4. Free wifi connectivity

The space

  1. Our regularly serviced Speed Queen front loading washers and dryers cater for the smallest load of personal washing to the largest heavy blanket. 
  2. Fold your freshly dried laundry in store one of our large tables
  3. Payment options include Visa Pay Wave or MasterCard Tap & Go on every machine
  4. Cash payments are also available during staff hours
  5. Our in store vending machine is filled with detergent powders and liquids, fabric softeners, cold drinks and snacks — available for purchase by pay wave or tap & go only. 
  6. Our space has been designed with accessibility in mind, particularly for those with disabilities (no stairs, low dryers etc)