DID YOU KNOW?  – No Coins only cards, phone or fit bit payment Apps

This place is awesome. Comfy seats. Good background music.  Superfast Wi-Fi, you can recharge your device and more! And yes, the clothes comes out like new in these great washing and drying machines! 🙂 Highly recommended, Great prices for self-service.”

Luis F. Borges – UWS resident - Facebook




The Lonely Sock in the CBD has 12 front loading washing machines in four sizes 9kg, 14kg, 18kg and 25kg plus 15 new dryers in three sizes 14kg, 21kg and 28kg.  All of the equipment is ecofriendly, designed to minimise water, electricity and gas consumption without adversely impacting on performance.

The store is large and can easily accommodate 15 to 20 people using machines at the one time.  Hot water will never be a problem as we have a 1000 litre mains pressure system installed.  Our new Quantum software allows you to reserve a washing machine or dryer by logging on and registering. http no waiting at all!

Further there is no hassle with coins as all of our machines accept many forms of electronic payment. (Amex and Diners excluded)


Our laundry is a cool place to be, well lit, 24 hour monitored security cameras, really clean equipment and floors and right in the CBD.  It is quite a large space with comfortable chairs, workstations, device recharge facilities, free Wi Fi and even a library where you can swap or borrow a book.  Soap powder and cold water and drinks are also available at low prices from a vending machine also card operated.

Alternatively take a walk around the Upper West Side (UWS) precinct.  An interesting place

  • See the wall murals on the UWS walls in Little Bourke, Spencer and Lonsdale Streets
  • Enjoy the history of UWS by going into the old workshop (Higher Ground) for a coffee off Little Bourke. Alternatively go down Watertank Way,
  • Enjoy a “Bubble Tea”, Sushi, Vietnamese, Kings Bakery or Korean food in Rose Lane.
  • For the more self -indulgent have a massage or your eye lashes done.

Back to the laundry.  The capacity of each machine and the prices for each service/product are:

Cost - Front Loading Washing Machines

Cost Front Load 1 - Self Service Laundrette


Cost - Gas Fired Dryers

Gas Fired Dryers Cost - Self Service Laundrette


Laundy products and beverages cost - Self Service Laundrette