Self-Service Laundrette

DID YOU KNOW?  – No Coins only cards, phone or fit bit payment Apps


The Lonely Sock™ is equipped with 12 front loading washing machines in four sizes: 9kg, 14kg, 18kg and 25kg. The 15 dryers in store are a mix of three sizes: 14kg, 21kg and 28kg. Each machine has been designed to be eco-friendly through minimising the utilities (water, electricity and gas) required to complete a cycle without compromising performance.

The large store space can easily accommodate 15-20 people using machines at once. The store is fitted with a 1000 litre mains pressure system, so washing with hot water is always possible. All of our machines are also fitted with electronic payment options. 

Don’t Panic if your machine times out! Automatic Refunds apply if machines don’t start for any reason. Simply REDO the start process to restart the service. Refunds usually take a few hours to return to your account.


The store space is well lit and monitored by 24 hour security cameras. Open from 6.30am – 9.30pm Every day of the year. The space is also cleaned daily to ensure customers are comfortable utilising our available chairs, workstation and library whilst in store. Soap powder, liquid, fabric softener and cold drinks are all available to purchase for low prices from our vending machine. 

Refer to the tables below for an overview of our services and corresponding prices:

Washing Machine Pricing

PricingFrom $7.00 per loadFrom $8.00 per loadFrom $10.00 per loadFrom $15.00 per load

Washing Machine Temperature

TemperatureCycle Time
Cold water (15º)Cycle Times from 23, 27 or 32 min Same Price
Warm water (30º)Cycle Times from 23, 27 or 32 min Same Price
Hot water (45º)Cycle Times from 23, 27 or 32 min Same Price

Drying Machine Pricing

Drying machine14kg21kg25kgAdd 15 minutes
Pricing$8.00 for 35 minutes$9.00 for 35 minutes$12.00 for 35 minutes$2.00 to $3.00
Drying times are 35 minutes including a 5 minute Cool Down Cycle.

Drying Machine Temperature