Exceptionally nice staff. These guys helped me out when I was in Melbourne on an internship and needed my shirts ironed and washed weekly. Great prices, and great service. One of the highlights on my trip here.

Angus Colovic

$33 for a full load of laundry to be washed, dried and folded for us. Friendly staff. Ours was ready in 2 hours: we left for brunch and came back and it was done. Very clean inside.

Patti Van Leer

Excellent service

Juan Pablo Ceballos Alvarez

Quick and easy to wash and dry. Convenient to pay with credit card…

Chan Hung

Got a bunch of laundry washed and dried – very affordable and good quality. Would recommend!

Justin Chopra

The second time i am here. lots of washing machines (12 machines) and dryers (about 15). Paid by credit card, which is very convenient as do not have to struggle trying to find coins.

Have wifi (i believe) and nice sitting area. Slightly pricey (i think, not really sure what is avg market price) but the convenience and atmosphere and location is worth it.

Frida Lie

This place is awesome. Comfy seats. Good background music. Super fast WiFi, you can recharge your device and more! And yes, the clothes comes out like new in these great washing and drying machines! 🙂 Highly recommended. Great prices for self service

Luis F. Borges

Amazing service and quality. Picked up and dropped off our laundry for wash and fold service. Excellent price and very happy customers. Highly recommend for other travelers.

Kathryn Huffman

Great machines and service! Guy was very helpful and even gave us a free bag . He said plastic was bad for the turtles! Highly recommend this place!

Mario Juarez

Dropped off laundry at lunchtime and it’s arrived back at my hotel already, in under 4hrs and still warm from the drier. Amazing service!

Will Hargrave

Nice and clean place. Friendly staff. Lots of washing machines (12) and dryers (15). Be aware that you can only pay by card (American express, JCB, mastercard or VISA) there is also free WiFi, Just look at the window for the password;-) You can even adopt a sock from the wall of lost socks, if you are in to that🙃

Kees Straver

Wonderful service and quality. Very happy customers. Picked up and dropped off our laundry for wash and fold service. Highly recommend for anyone!

Kenneth Smith

Amazing place! You can pay by card only, use free WiFi, sit down and relax while your washing and drying is on. Read / borrow or swap a book for free, charge your phone or even have a soft drink in the meantime. Powder for the laundry also available t purchase. The man that greeted us was absolutely kind and willing to help us and described us everything…. highly recommended

Claudia Palombini

Awesome modern facility. Very clean and organized. WiFi is very good as well. One hour start to finish.

E J Griffis

Great service and quality. The washing machines and dryers work great. The place is very clean and approachable with plenty of room and tables to keep and fold your clothes. You can pay for the machines using your card and it has contactless payment making it a lots easier then messing around with finding cash or loose change.


Great laundromat. Went there on a Saturday and it wasn’t too busy. Plenty of washing machine and dryer. You can buy powder over there. Loved that you can directly pay by card at the washing machine. Don’t have to worry about loose change. If you want you can leave your laundry at the staff and they will wash it and fold it for you (I think it’s around 35$).
And they have a waiting area with plenty of books. Nice touch!